New! Lite-up Play 2.0 - SOUND BY JBL

New! Lite-up Play 2.0 - SOUND BY JBL

Simple, yet  sophisticated, warm and inviting: The Lite-up Play 2.0 - SOUND BY JBL and Lite-up Play Mini 2.0 - SOUND BY JBL are a portable mix of mood lighting and outstanding sound wrapped in a Scandinavian design that elevates any interior to the next level. Thanks to their rechargeable battery and portable design, they can be used in any room or under the open sky to set the mood for aesthetic, joyful and relaxing times.

New Kooduu Lite-up Play - SOUND BY JBL

The Lite-up Play - SOUND BY JBL is a stunning speaker lamp that seamlessly blends captivating mood lighting with exceptional JBL sound quality. This beautifully Scandinavian design piece radiates warm white light, and its brightness is fully adjustable to suit your preferences.

With a clean, soft design, the Lite-up Play's body is an aesthetic gem, featuring a wooden handle with softly rounded edges for enhanced comfort and portability. Additionally, it has elegant brass accents that provide a premium touch. Connect this exquisite speaker lamp to your device via Bluetooth and immerse yourself in an exceptional listening experience.

Whether you're looking to set the mood for aesthetic, relaxing, or joyful moments, the Lite-up Play by Kooduu will illuminate your surroundings with its enchanting glow, all while delivering your favorite soundtracks in high-fidelity sound, thanks to the remarkable JBL audio technology. Available in 2 sizes: mini and large and in 4 trendy colors: Earth, Petroleum, Sand and Ocean Blue.


Specifications and Design

The Lite-up Play has a full range 10 watt speaker, a battery size of 2600 mAh and a frequency  of 55Hz – 16kHz. The Lite-up Play Mini has a full range 8 watt speaker, a battery size of 2200 mAh and a response of 76Hz-17.8kHz. This translates into an enhanced power and quality listening experience delivered by SOUND BY JBL. Both feature Bluetooth 5.3 and True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology. This means  you can connect smartphones, tablets and laptops via Bluetooth—and pair them with another Kooduu Lite-up Play or Lite-up Play Mini Sound by JBL to enjoy stereo sound. The LED mood light is warm white and has 5 dimmable settings.

Thanks to their integrated battery, these speaker lamps provide up to 8 hours of playtime on moderate listening volume before a 3.5 hour recharge will be necessary. The products also deliver up to 11 hours of ambient light when using the lamp function only.

The body of these Kooduu speaker lamps with Sound by JBL is made of white polyethylene, which diffuses the integrated 2700K LED light source. The sturdy, yet soft TPU cover provides extra protection and comes in nature-inspired colors to match or contrast with any interior: Ocean blue, Earth, Sand and Petroleum. The speaker lamps also brass accents that exude elegance and a wooden handle and feet for portability and the ability to set the mood wherever and whenever.

“The split and mix of materials in the design of the Lite-up Play represents the split and mix of light and sound. The wooden handle with a soft curve represents the softness and emotion we call ‘hygge’, the Danish word that loosely translates into a mood of coziness and enjoying life. The wooden handle and feet connect the user to nature, a typical characteristic of ‘hygge’ and Scandinavian Design. The feet emphasize the sound experience and also symbolize that this speaker lamp is a great companion, almost a character”, says Eskild Hansen, Designer and owner of Eskild Hansen Design, the award-winning Danish Design studio that designed this speaker lamp.

In short, the best of two worlds is combined in these portable speaker lamps: Exceptional Danish mood lighting design and more than 76 years of experience in cutting-edge audio manufacturing and innovations from the JBL brand.



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